PPC Strategy Leads to 91% More Conversions for Tax Company

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Pay-per-click advertising is one the best ways to quickly increase traffic to your website—when done right. With a well-researched strategy, you can create and optimize a campaign that drives qualified leads right to you. This is a service that we offer even though we call ourselves a full-service SEO Agency.

Our Client

Taxconnex, LLC is a sales tax consulting company, based in Alpharetta, GA. They provide sales tax outsourcing, consulting, and VoIP tax service with a focus on technology, small and mid-sized businesses, and VoIP providers.

The Challenge

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Our client provides a very specific service, and they weren’t getting enough marketing qualified leads (MQLs) from the PPC ads they were running before they partnered with us. Plus, it was impossible to accurately measure the effectiveness of their previous ad campaigns since there was no proper conversion tracking setup.

Our Strategy

We began with a full account audit to identify campaign issues, and we noticed there was a lot of wasted ad spend on display traffic and irrelevant keywords. Essentially, the old campaigns weren’t properly set up with best practices.

We immediately resolved the conversion tracking issues after taking over the ad account. Then we rebuilt the ad campaigns with better ad group structure, more refined target keywords, relevant ad copy for the landing pages, compelling ad extensions, etc. Everything was rebuilt in an extremely tight structure that was conducive to improving quality score and increased relevance between search terms, ads, and landing pages, which resulted in a much higher conversion rate. We pride ourselves on great PPC Campaign Management.

Results: 211.54% in Click-Throughs, 91.33% in Conversion Rate

By tackling the opportunities highlighted in our audit, we boosted the ad CTR by 211.54%. Plus, the conversion rate increased by 91.33% in the first month, and the MQLs were also substantially increased by over 60% in the following month. Talk about optimizing a campaign!

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