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Digital Marketing sucks. That’s why you need a friendly and helpful neighbor. A Digital Neighbor – our digital marketing services are driven by results and focused on outcomes.

Digital Agency Services

The importance of digital marketing has grown exponentially. In fact, some savvy businesses will tell you that digital marketing is marketing. The digital landscape has become so entrenched in our daily lives that ignoring it can damage your business prospects. But with so many tasks already on their plates, small business owners may have difficulty finding the time to create a digital strategy, let alone enact it.

That’s where a helpful Digital Marketing Agency like Digital Neighbor comes in.

We will stand by your side with neighborly advice to help you align your online activities so you receive the maximum benefit from time expended. By creating a unique Digital Strategy that focuses on the right type of growth for your brand and the appropriate communication channels for your target audience, Digital Neighbor ensures your message is heard by the right people at the right time.

At Digital Neighbor we love helping our neighbors achieve their goals. Our digital agency services have been crafted over almost ten years of successful digital marketing for some of the nation’s greatest clients. Our goal is always to help each and every client grow. Of course, this means getting to know and understand each neighbor we work with so that we can achieve your goals.

Digital Advertising

We place ads to make sure your products and services are found when people need them. Our comprehensive solutions go from Google Ads to YouTube Ads to Facebook Ads to Retargeting Ads.

Local SEO

We put your business listings on the web and help potential customers and clients find you when they need you most.

Social Media

Social signals help to rank your website in Google. The more tweets and shares your site has, the higher it ranks. Plus, social media drives valuable traffic to your site.

Responsive Web Design

Our SEO-friendly web design provides an excellent user experience on every type of screen and device.

SEO Services

No matter how, when, where, or why people search for you online, our Search Engine Optimization services ensure they find you.

Digital Strategy

We create solid game plans to help you tackle your digital issues, big or small. Give us a shot – we know that we can solve it.

What Makes Digital Neighbor Different?

We like to think of Digital Neighbor as your friendly neighbor in the world of digital that is always there to listen and help. Others say we are a comprehensive digital marketing agency that focuses on innovative strategies. We enjoy learning about the latest marketing trends as well as staying on top of search algorithm changes so you don’t have to.

We love helping our neighbors achieve their goals. With over ten years of experience providing digital marketing services to amazing neighbors, Digital Neighbor has a track record of helping local businesses succeed online.

There are no cookie cutter solutions at Digital Neighbor. We consult with each and every neighbor to determine the necessary digital strategy to reach your goals. We deliver creative, engaging digital marketing while continuously measuring results so we can optimize our approach and grow your business.

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Stop blending in with the rest of the crowd and start leaving your mark in the Digital Neighborhood.

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Questions Our Digital Agency is Often Asked

As a friendly neighbor we get asked a lot of questions about digital marketing, advertising, and the web. Below are some straight forward answers to our neighbor’s questions.

How Do I Get People to Notice My Website?

You’d think that providing a service or product that people want would be enough to make your website popular, but unfortunately, that’s not quite how it works. With billions of sites on the web, it can take a lot to make yours stand out. By offering value to your target customer’s life and providing a user-friendly digital experience, you can begin to increase your traffic and convert leads.

How do you get me more business?

Our responsive websites convert visits into action. Specifically designed to target “ready to buy” customers, our sites clearly describe your services or products and how best to reach you. By making it easy for potential customers and clients, we’re able to convert website visits into calls and emails. The only thing left for you to do is close the sale and provide excellent customer service.

What is the Future of Digital Marketing?

Search engines aim to present users with the most relevant results. To do this, they focus on user intent. Google, for example, is constantly adapting, evolving, and innovating so it can best serve its users. When provided with a query, they look at which device you are on, where you’re from, your previous search history, and more, all to determine which results they should show.

If you’re walking down Howard Ave. in Tampa and search for “Restaurant in Soho” on your phone, your results will be completely different than if you search for the same term at home on your desktop computer. Why? Because your intent is different depending on where you are, what time of day it is, etc.

So what does this mean for SEO? Better results for the user. But don’t worry. If you’re doing a good job and following SEO best practices, this shouldn’t affect your site. Keep providing value to your visitors and you’ll see the results.

Which Search Engine should I focus on?

Where your business should focus its energy depends on your target demographic. By learning how your potential customers or clients access the web, what browsers they use, and what they do when they’re online, you can better determine how to reach them. This is part of what a digital strategy determines.

That said, Google should always be on your list. They currently dominate the search engine game. Depending on how your target audience browses the web, other engines like Bing and Yahoo! may make sense as well. For example, a target demographic that enjoys using Internet Explorer may best be reached through Bing.

Does Traffic Affect My Search Engine Ranking?

Traffic does affect search ranking—but only a little. There are more than 200 different SEO ranking factors and search engines are constantly fine-tuning their algorithms. Because of this, traffic has only a small impact. Unless you receive hundreds of thousands of visits a day, it’s unlikely your ranking will spike because of traffic alone.

While traffic is generally good, there are a couple reasons you shouldn’t focus on it too much:

  • Growing traffic doesn’t necessarily mean increasing sales. If your goal is to grow your business, you must increase the right type of traffic or convert more visitors.
  • Quality traffic is more important than quantity. Blindly gaining too much traffic from random sources actually hurts your rankings. This is because low-quality traffic will signal to Google that your website isn’t worth ranking.

Digital Neighbor always suggests to create a quality experience for your target customers and traffic you need to grow will come.

Is Tampa Digital Marketing unique?

Yes! Just like Tampa itself, digital marketing in Tampa is unique and requires a custom approach. All cities have their own styles and personalities and digital marketing must be able to engage with and cater to that style.

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