Google Ads Management Leads to 45% Lower Cost Per Lead

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Pay-per-click advertising and paid media are valuable digital marketing strategies that can help you reach more potential clients. By bidding on particular keywords, you can show up right when someone is looking for you. It’s a quick way to get to the top of search results and drive traffic to your site.

Our Client

Our client is a virtual health company offering online doctors appointments and prescription refills for patients in Canada. To drive their goals, they needed an intuitive PPC campaigns that showcased their unique value proposition.

The Challenge

Toronto, canada

The client’s old healthcare paid media campaigns were generating enough leads for the sales team.

However, the CPL was too high to maintain a campaign with good ROI.

First, we did a full account audit to identify the campaign issues and noticed that the ad campaigns weren’t spending budget efficiently to maximize leads within budget.

Then, we implemented our new strategy to help improve their Google Ads campaigns.

Our Strategy

After auditing their old campaigns and identifying the problems, we got to work by implementing our new strategy for their Google Ads campaigns.

We identified a few areas to cut costs on the lower performers during the account audit, so we developed a new strategy to focus on the better-performing keywords and ads to maximize leads within the given budget.

We created separate campaigns for the better performers, so we were able to allocate more budget to those campaigns to maximize impression share and leads.

Results: 45% decrease in Cost Per Lead!

Because we took the time to audit their campaigns and implement our strategy for improvement, we were able to deliver great results! In just one month, our new campaign resulted in:

  • 45.07% decrease in CPL
  • 18.65% increase in conversion rate
  • 29.41% increase in conversions with 28.91% lower ad spend
PPC Decrease in Cost Per Lead

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