Financial Services Company Scores 25% More Leads with Our PPC Management

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Pay-per-click advertising and paid media are valuable digital marketing strategies that can generate additional leads. When done right, you can show up at the top of search results and increase your visibility. When you work with a skilled digital marketing team, it can be one of the fastest ways to drive more traffic to your website.

Our Client

Associates Home Loan of Florida is a Tampa, FL-based private money lender. They provide lending solutions for various scenarios, including hard money loans for commercial properties, short-term fix and flip loans, rental properties, bridge loans, and hard money refinancing for homeowners. Their loans help support both businesses and individuals, and they’re all underscored by their customer service.

The Challenge

Associates Home Loan

Associates Home Loan wanted to generate more qualified leads to feed to their growing sales team.

They had no prior experience with digital advertising, but they understood the potential for creating a renewable lead-driving engine after learning more about it.

Our Strategy

To create a strategy that reflected well on our client, we dove headfirst into industry research. We then developed a local search ad strategy based on the client’s specific niche, budget, and marketing goals.

We decided to focus on the bottom of the funnel users by targeting relevant keywords with high commercial intent to maximize leads within the budget.

We established an ad account, implemented conversion tracking, and then launched the ad campaigns. Since the client’s website was not optimized for online lead generation, to achieve optimal results, we worked with them to develop the conversion funnel and build a dedicated landing page for the PPC ads. Our KPIs for the paid media included phone calls, online form submissions, cost per lead, etc.

Results: More Click-Throughs & Leads!

Right off the bat, our ad campaigns were a big success. In the first month, the click-through rate was 64.60% higher, and the cost per lead was 55.99% lower than the industry averages. As a financial services company, our client was excited to hears this!

CTR Trend

Our success was compounded in the second month when we were able to increase lead volume by 25.80% with the same budget.


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