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Most of your target audience is on at least one social media platform. Whether they’re sharing family pictures on Facebook and Instagram, talking about their expertise on LinkedIn, or sharing jokes on Twitter, they’re frequently engaging with online content. Make sure they see your business when they’re checking out their newsfeeds.

Even though we call ourselves an SEO Agency at Digital Neighbor, we know that social media is all about building connections. With a good Social Media Strategy, your business can create content that gets your brand noticed and encourages conversation. Nurture consumer relationships and build brand loyalty with a Social Media Strategy built around your goals.

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Our Tampa Social Media Management Services

Social Media Strategy

Make the most of social media with a strategy customized to your goals. Understand which platforms you should be on, what you should be sharing, and how frequently you should be posting.

Social Media Content Creation

Photo and video are the pillars of the social media world. Your audience expects to see professional, beautiful visuals. We ensure your content has consistency from everything to photography style, fonts, color, and filters that will create an impact your audience will recognize and appreciate.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media is all about engagement. With our monitoring service, you can make sure your customers don’t go unheard. Not only will we put out any fires, but we’ll speak to your audience about what they love about your brand. Tune in and learn what your followers want or need from you as well.

Social Media Reporting

Stay up to date on our progress with detailed reports. We’ll outline growth and engagement, as well as what your audience is loving or hating. Plus, we’ll offer recommendations about how to keep your audience growing and talking.

Social Media Consulting

So much goes into getting social media right. Just when you get it under control, something comes along and changes the game. Digital Neighbor stays on top of social media trends and the latest tools for social media marketing. In addition to full-service social strategy and content creation, we advise businesses on all aspects of social media.

What You Should Be Posting on Social Media

Not every post is going to go viral—that’s just not how social media works. However, with a detailed strategy, you can get more followers and increase your audience engagement.  These types of posts can get people talking about your brand.

Lifestyle Posts

Social media allows you to support your brand image through visuals and text. With lifestyle posts, you can connect your brand to the type of lifestyle your audience is living or dreaming about living. These posts are about sparking conversation and getting the imagination going.

Blog Posts

If you want your blog posts to get read, you need to promote them! Share relevant blog posts on your social media channels to direct traffic to your website.


Why make one post, when you can make several? Create your own series of posts and use a hashtag to keep them together. Whether it’s a weekly educational series on the benefits of different vitamins or a silly series about dogs wearing your product, it’s a great way to to connect with your audience.

Behind the Scenes

Who doesn’t love a peek behind the curtain? Show your audience all the hard work that goes into running your business—and all the fun and shenanigans.


How-to videos and posts are great for showing what sets your business apart and how to use certain products or services. They don’t even have to include your products and just be about something of interest to your audience.

User-Generated Content

A great way to score more engagement is to get your audience to tag you in posts about your business and then feature those posts. You can even make it a fun contest.

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Your Digital Neighbor Team

Ashley Essman

Account Manager

Your Account Manager is your go-to person at Digital Neighbor. They’ll help you drill down your social media goals, share posts for review, and provide you with regular reporting.

Amy Cibulas

Social Media Manager

Your Social Media Manager with generate your customized strategy. When it’s approved, they will follow the plan to create and post compelling content your audience wants to engage with.

Tampa Social Media Management Agency Case Study

Tampa Law Firm Local SEO Case Study
Score More Engagment

Making sure that your brand is consistent across all social media platforms is important.  See how we brought a local brand to live with social media management.

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Management

Which social media platforms should I be on?

The best way to determine where you need to be posting is to pinpoint where your target audience is hanging out online. Do they prefer to watch videos on YouTube? Scroll through photos on Instagram? Debate on Facebook? Look into who your target audience is and then identify which plaforms those demographics align with.

Most brands appeals to a few different demographics, so you are probably best served by focusing on a few different social media platforms that align with your brand goals.

How frequently should I be posting?

Most social media platforms show posts in a newsfeed based on how frequently people engage with an accounts posts. So your posts will show up more frequently for your followers if they are liking and commenting on your posts. If you want to increase the chances of that happening, you need to post regularly and during times when your target audience is online. To create the ideal schedule, you’ll need to look at different usage statistics for the platforms you’ve chosen.  The biggest key, however, will always be consistency. Inconsistent posting and taking off days or weeks at a time can lead to lower engagement.

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