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Get found easily. With digital advertising, you can get your business right in front of your target audience.

Paid Media is the most common form of online advertising and includes search ads, display ads, and social ads. Rather than waiting to draw organic traffic to your site, paid media drives highly targeted and relevant traffic to your website immediately, allowing you to quickly grow your business.

Running a PPC campaign with Digital Neighbor is simple: We make your goals, our goals. We’ve run hundreds of paid media campaigns on a variety of popular platforms, including Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and more. We steer new consumers to high-converting landing pages that help our clients sell more.

At Digital Neighbor, we’re relentless in our pursuit of excellence. We enjoy testing different ads to find the ones that work best for you. By engaging with our clients and learning about their businesses and their target audiences, we’re able to deliver measurable results.

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PPC management

Our Paid Media Services

Personas + Segmentation

We go beyond demographics and psychographics and get to know the core of your customer so we can create high-converting ads for you.

Keyword & Campaign Strategy

Paid Media ads require research and planning across multiple platforms to be successful. Using our expertise, we’re able to pinpoint profitable keywords and create strategies that get your business noticed.

Monthly Paid Media Management

With Digital Neighbor’s Monthly Paid Media Management, there’s no need to check all of your ad platforms to see how each of your campaigns is performing and make time-consuming adjustments. We handle everything for you, from the strategy to implementation.


Retargeting, also called remarketing ads, is used to present highly relevant, targeted ads based on a user’s browser history. Retargeting uses information taken from cookies or pixels on a user’s browser to display ads that cater to their previous purchases or search history. If a user has previously visited your site, a cookie is placed in their browser that identifies them as a visitor. Your ads will appear more frequently as they search the web in the hopes they will revisit your site.

Landing Pages

We build proven, mobile-friendly landing pages that are lead-generating machines. We’ve spent much time perfecting these pages for our clients to only deliver maximum results. The industry-standard conversion rate is about 5% – 10%, but our pages can convert from 20% – 40%.

Impact-Driven Analytics

Connect data with decisions. Understand where your ad money is going and how well it’s performing. With our in-depth reporting, you always know where you stand. Our reporting will help you see your progress and better understand your digital presence so you can invest your digital marketing dollars wisely.

6 Stages of Quality Tampa PPC Management

When you work with Digital Neighbor, we do all of the heavy lifting. Our PPC management service makes it easy to get started with digital marketing and reach more consumers.


We look at your target audience and do comprehensive industry research to find the best keywords for your paid media ad campaigns, including PPC search ads, display ads, and retargeting ads.


Using the information we’ve found, we put together a strategy guaranteed to reach your target audience.


Our in-house designers and copywriters will create any ad deliverables to appeal to your target audience.


Once the ads are approved, it’s time to implement them. Our Paid Media Strategist will upload the ads and set the bid amounts on your chosen platforms.


We review progress on ad campaigns regularly so we can make adjustments as needed. We’ll also keep you in the loop with in-depth reporting and analytics.


As we continue to monitor your ads and collect more data, we’ll optimize them to make them even better.

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Your Digital Neighbor Team

Ashley Essman

Account Manager

Your account manager will be your go-to person. They’ll work with your Paid Media Strategist to create and implement your paid media strategy and keep you in the loop about what’s going on. They’ll reach out regularly to you for approval on ads and with reporting so you can see how well your ads are performing.

Edward Lin

PPC Strategist

Your Pay Per Click Strategist will implement the approved strategy and monitor its success. They will optimize ad campaigns as needed, track spend, make adjustments to help ensure the ads are performing as well as possible.

Jackie Smith

Ad Creative

In addition to your Paid Media Strategist, one of our copywriters or designers will help create compelling text or artwork to help get as many high-quality clicks and conversions as possible.

PPC Management Case Study

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Drive Traffic & Sales

200% more leads—that’s what our Paid Media service with PPC management was able to achieve for a Tampa personal injury law firm. Read all about it and then contact us to see how we can drive more traffic to your site.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paid Media

What’s the difference between paid media and PPC?

Paid media describes advertising that you pay a third party for. Under that umbrella are search ads like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. These are PPC ads, or pay-per-click. Essentially, you only pay for those ad placements when someone clicks on them. So PPC ads are a type of paid media.

Display ads are another type of paid media, though they are generally sold by the number of impressions (views) they are expected to receive, also known as CPI, cost per impression.

How do you decide where to advertise?

As part of our research, we investigate how different keywords perform a variety of platforms. This allows us to determine where you may get the best return for your investment, where you can find more interested consumers, and where you will have the greatest chance of getting your ads seen. Sometimes these three goals don’t align, so we’ll make a variety of recommendations based on the data we’ve gathered so you can choose what is best for your business.

What metrics do you track?

Metrics should always align with your goals. To ensure that we’re driving relevant tracking to your website, we look at cost-per-click (CPC) or CPI, CTR (click-thru rate), and the conversion rate, among other metrics.

What type of businesses have you done Google Ads and other PPC campaigns for?

We’ve done a variety of Tampa PPC campaigns for different industries. We’ve done  PPC for law firms, including personal injury law firms, family law firms, immigration services, employment lawyers, business law firms, and traffic ticket law firms

We have experience with Real Estate PPC for both real estate agents and developers.

We’ve done PPC for education, including beauty schools, online degrees, training programs, and yoga training centers.

We’ve made home and garden PPC campaigns for home innovation services, home appliance services, home cleaning services, handyman services, roofing contractors, plumbing services, drywall and insulation contractors,  and general contractors.

We’ve done PPC for local services such as moving services, delivery services, car wash, car rental services, wedding planning, event planning, car brokers, storage companies

We’ve run PPC for business services like business centers, business IT support, business software companies (SaaS), and digital marketing services

Yes, we’ve also done restaurant PPC for local restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and catering services.

We’re skilled with healthcare PPC—we’ve created campaigns for psychotherapists, dental clinics and dentists, plastic surgery clinics, and physiotherapy clinics.

Plus we’ve created different eCommerce PPC campaigns for clothing, shoes, food and grocery, electronic products, and office supplies.

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Let’s Talk About Paid Media & PPC Management

Digital Neighbor has extensive experience with PPC management for both local and national businesses. Contact us today and let’s talk about how Digital Neighbor can help your website show up higher in local search results. Chat with us on the phone,  over some coffee, or online about our Tampa Paid Media services.

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