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Getting found online and maintaining a steady stream of new website visitors can be a monumental challenge for even established organizations. When our client, a multi-location health system, came to us, we worked with them to drill down their goals and pair those objectives with specific, measurable digital solutions.

The Objective

Our client wanted to increase search traffic via search engine optimization to their website and convert visitors into new patients. In addition, they wanted to create awareness of their doctors and establish them as thought leaders.

The Solution

Organic SEO traffic is one of the largest drivers of online conversions, and one SEO driver that isn’t going away anytime soon for search engines is content. That’s why we suggested that content be a cornerstone of our client’s digital strategy.

To customize the strategy, our SEO specialist audited their website to spot opportunities for driving organic traffic. By identifying what keywords our client was already ranking for and which keywords their competitors had targeted, they created a content strategy that focused on high-value keywords with the potential to bring more website visitors while simultaneously providing valuable information.

One of our skilled writers created a comprehensive post about heart palpitations that included what they are, what can bring them on, and when to seek medical guidance.

Once the post was approved by the client, we uploaded it to their site and optimized it to improve its chances of ranking well.

And it worked! Our post and content strategy helped our client move into the tops spots for thousands of keywords!


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By focusing on different aspects of one keyword— heart palpitations — our post was actually able to rank for more than 10,000 different keywords, bringing in an estimated 15,000 website visitors a month.

This highly informative post shows up as a top result and in the “People also ask” section in the Google search results.

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This was just one blog post! With our comprehensive content strategy, we’ve driven tens of thousands of visitors to our client’s site and help increased their conversions.

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