5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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Who doesn’t want more exposure? Driving traffic to your website is a great way to increase your visibility, generate leads, and to increase sales. While there’s no magical formula, there are plenty of ways to increase pageviews among your target audience. With time and dedication, you can generate more traffic consistently and begin to capitalize on your increased pageviews.

Increase Pages and Content

To improve your organic search rankings, consider how many pages you have and the kind of content you’re producing. Knowing which keywords you can rank for locally or nationally can help you evaluate what kind of content to create. For example, if you’re running a dog grooming business in Tampa, you’ll likely have pages with keywords such as “Tampa dog grooming” and “Hillsborough County dog grooming.” But let’s say you’re the only dog groomer in town that uses organic products. Chances are, no one is ranking in your area for “Tampa organic dog groomer”. This is a prime opportunity to organically rank for that keyword. Not only should you create an informative page that details your methods, but you can also help potential customers understand what makes you stand apart from other dog groomers in a series of blog posts about organic dog grooming. This unique and useful content adds value for your customer and it helps you get your message heard—that’s win-win.

In addition, creating pages and content around long-tail keywords provides an easy way to rank and build a customer base. While these keywords don’t see as much search volume, they still provide the opportunity for quality pageviews. Not sure how to capitalize on (or even find) long-tail keywords relevant to your industry? Work with a Tampa digital marketing agency! A skilled digital marketer can identify keywords for you and build out your site to make sure no digital stone is left unturned.

Revamp and Refresh Content

If your content is going stale, Google will notice. Taking the time to revamp and refresh pages that aren’t ranking well can help improve your visibility. Make sure that all your information is up-to-date and consider setting up a schedule for updating your pages. For example, if you know business is always slow in January, why not update your “About Us” page every year around that time? It will give you an opportunity to share any new awards your business has won or to spruce up your service descriptions.


Search engine optimization isn’t about keyword stuffing, it’s about creating content users want to see and that adds value to their lives. While keywords are important because they tell readers (and search engines) what the page is about, having unique content that tells potential clients and customers about what you do and the services or products that you offer is essential.

While some of the other items we’ve mentioned in this post also fall under the SEO umbrella, there are some behind-the-scenes things like utilizing meta descriptions and title tags, properly tagging your images, and creating a mobile-friendly site that can boost your SEO standings. Because Google and other search engines want to ensure that they point their users to the most useful and relevant pages for each search query, making your website user-friendly goes a long way towards proper optimization. That means ensuring you’ve optimized your visitor experience. Few people have the patience to wait for a slow website to load. Make sure your images or host aren’t slowing you down.


If you’re looking for a traffic boost, a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign can help point searchers in your direction. By bidding on relevant keywords, you can better help your target audience find you when they need your services or products. A good campaign requires keyword research as well as a bit of copywriting magic. PPC also allows you to limit how much you spend on advertising a day, which helps you budget your marketing dollars. When you partner with a digital marketing agency that has PPC expertise, you gain a partner committed to finding out the best PPC methods for your particular business and budget.

Social Media Advertising

With over a billion people on Facebook, ignoring social media is a mistake. That doesn’t mean you need to be on every platform, however, you should be where your target audience is. If they’re tweeps, make sure you’re @ing and tweeting along. If they’re pinners, start a board and promote your pins. And it’s almost guaranteed that some, if not most, of your audience is also hanging around Facebook for about an hour a day.

Facebook makes advertising easy. They want to show people ads they will want to click. You can easily create an effective campaign by targeting the right demographics and presenting a relevant product or service in a creative or engaging way. That might seem like they’re asking for a lot, however, a reputable Tampa digital marketing agency can help you craft a campaign that attracts the eye (and the clicks) of your target audience.

Drive Traffic with Digital Neighbor

When you’re only seeing a trickle of traffic, it can seem like a monumental task to increase pageviews. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. Digital Neighbor is here to help. At Digital Neighbor, we know you’re the expert on your business and that your time is often best spent running your company or working with your clients. Rather than attempting to learn Google Analytics, let us do it for you!

Digital Neighbor can help you revamp your website, run a PPC campaign, optimize your website, and more! If you’re ready to investigate how you can increase your web traffic, contact Digital Neighbor today to schedule a consultation.

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