The Importance of Fresh Content for SEO

The Importance of Fresh Content for SEO sun icon

Trying to pinpoint which aspects of a search engine’s algorithm are most important for increasing page rank is no easy task. The internet is constantly evolving and search engines have a lot to do with that.

The goal of a search engine is to provide users with links to the best possible information that matches their search query. To maintain their relevancy, search engines must continually alter how they determine factors like relevancy and usefulness. One concept that has gotten some recent airtime is the notion of “freshness”. (Why? Well because Google has patents on it.)

What is Fresh Content?

Fresh content is new or updated content. Pretty simple, right? However, determining how exactly a company like Google determines whether a page is fresh enough is another story. Creating new content and new pages is one of the easiest ways to ensure your site is viewed as fresh.

When is Fresh Content Necessary?

Not every site needs fresh content, though most will benefit from incorporating new content. Sites that provide information about current events necessitate fresh content. Without it, those “current” events go stale. Similarly, sites that provide services and products can be helped by providing their visitors with industry relevant information or service specific information on a regular basis. (Kind of like what we’re doing here.)

The internet is a treasure trove of content. There are plenty of pages that have not been refreshed for years and have maintained their dominance on the search engine results page. In most of these cases, those pages are considered authority sites. As long as the domain names remain active, they will likely maintain their dominance until someone else provides better, more relevant information that searchers prefer. For example, a Wikipedia page on a historical event may continue to be the first search result despite your latest entry on the Gettysburg Address. Why? Because searchers have clicked on that Wikipedia page repeatedly and have stayed on the page (yes, Google tracks that, too) and engaged with it.

Keeping Your Page Fresh

You don’t need to post new content daily to keep your website “fresh”—unless you’re a news site like CNN. One way to add new content regularly is to maintain a blog. Every blog post generates a page on your site, which is a measure of freshness. Posting twice a month can help you engage more with your audience and add valuable information to your website.

Link building, which is a popular SEO tactic, also helps signify freshness. Essentially, a search engine will recognize increased links as a sign of relevancy. Now, this doesn’t mean you should get involved in some black hat link-building scheme. Rather, make sure you are asking for a link when you provide quotes for an article or do a guest blog post. If you’ve presented at an industry conference, ask them to link back to your site. These links are invaluable and can help increase your pageviews.

Ensure your site is user-friendly. Make sure navigation is easy and that potential visitors can easily find what they need. Point them to similar content on your site so they can make informed decisions and further engage with your site. The longer someone stays on your website, the better! Both in terms of sales and your freshness rating.

Need a Helping Hand? Consult with a Digital Marketing Agency!

Fresh content isn’t just about words on a page. It also deals with your layout, images, videos, etc. A commitment to providing a user-friendly experience can help you ensure your content remains fresh. Revisiting older pages and revamping them as necessary can lend a much-needed boost and provide your visitors with the information they need to set up an appointment or make a purchase.

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