Unlocking Success – How Digital Neighbor Transformed a Financial Company’s Digital Presence

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In the bustling landscape of the mortgage industry, standing out and connecting with potential clients is often challenging. The Associates Home Loan of Florida, Inc., a trusted mortgage lender, faced the common yet critical issue of bolstering its lead generation and increasing inbound calls. They’ve decided to seek the expertise of Digital Neighbor – a dedicated digital marketing agency committed to transforming businesses’ online presence.   

The Associates Home Loan’s quest for enhanced visibility and engagement led to a collaborative journey with our team at Digital Neighbor. This partnership was not just about applying digital marketing strategies; it was about understanding their specific needs and crafting a tailor-made approach for success. 

With a blend of innovation and proven methodologies, we set out to revamp the digital landscape for Associates Home Loan! 

The Solution: A Holistic Digital Makeover 

Our team at Digital Neighbor delved deep into the realm of search engine optimization (SEO). The aim? To strategically boost the visibility of The Associates Home Loan on search engine result pages. In addition to SEO and content, local search optimization strategies were implemented, ensuring that the company was not just visible but highly discoverable within its local market. 

To support the company’s marketing efforts, Google Ads campaigns were meticulously crafted and launched. These campaigns were strategically designed to target and attract potential clients actively seeking mortgage solutions. In tandem with these efforts, an array of organic social media posts was deployed to engage the audience and foster meaningful connections. 

However, the transformation didn’t stop there. Digital Neighbor undertook a comprehensive website design and development project to ensure a seamless, user-friendly experience for their potential clients. Ever at the forefront of innovation, Digital Neighbor also integrated a new lead-tracking platform, which became a pivotal move, streamlining the process of tracking, managing, and nurturing leads. 

The Results: An Exhilarating Journey of Growth 

Google Ads: 

Over a span of many years actively managing their ads on Google, we’ve noticed a steady growth in brand recognition, client outreach, and overall business expansion. Google Ads played a pivotal role in elevating The Associates Home Loan’s online presence, attracting a wider audience, and establishing a robust digital foothold. 

As we delve into the metrics, the past 12 months (November 2022 – November 2023), have been a testament to the enduring impact of our digital strategies: 

  • An impressive 42% increase in Google Ads impressions year over year.  
  • An astonishing surge of 60% in Google Ad clicks.  
  • A total of 1,448 conversions with a 21% increase year over year.  
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Meta Ads:  

In April 2023, we also launched Meta Ads to support our paid media efforts, and the impact has been nothing short of remarkable. Over the course of 8 months, our campaign on both Facebook and Instagram generated 124,000 impressions and garnered over 4,000 clicks, demonstrating a significant increase in brand visibility and engagement.  

The initiative also resulted in a notable uptick in phone calls and website visits, underlining the campaign’s success in not only capturing attention but also converting interest into leads. Digital Neighbor’s commitment to precision targeting, ongoing optimizations, and impactful messaging through Meta Ads continues to be a driving force in expanding reach and fostering meaningful connections with our target audience. 



Across numerous years of actively fine-tuning SEO strategies and performing essential on and off-page optimizations, The Associates Home Loan has experienced a consistent surge in website visits, clicks, and conversions. The data of 12 months shows a notable 127% increase in Google rankings year over year, moving The Associates Home Loan by 309 spots on search results.  

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Additionally, over three years (November 2020 – November 2023), the growth was even more astounding: 

  • An impressive 136% increase in Google Ranking. 
  • 331K of total sessions, with 14% increase year over year, with 295K total users.  
  • 239K users from SEO, with a 26% increase year over year.  
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Local SEO:  

Consistently managing their Google Business Profile (GBP) and multiple directory sites has contributed to a surge in local inquiries, foot traffic, and, most importantly, meaningful connections within the community. The dedication to ensuring accurate business information, cultivating positive online reviews, and strategically optimizing for local search queries has yielded the following tangible results: 

12-months data (November 2022 – November 2023):  

  • 456 call clicks, with a 95% increase year over year. 
  • 589 direction requests, with a 138% increase year over year. 
  • 1,262 website clicks (only from GBP), with a 37% increase year over year. 
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3 years data (November 2020 – November 2023): 

  • 669 call clicks, with an 185% increase year over year. 
  • 790 direction requests, with a 219% increase year over year. 
  • 2,007 website clicks (only from GBP), with a 126% increase year over year. 
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A Partnership Focused on Success 

The collaboration between The Associates Home Loan and Digital Neighbor exemplifies the transformative power of a dedicated digital marketing strategy. It showcases not only the ability to meet the client’s needs but also to exceed expectations, crafting a success story that reverberates through increased visibility, lead generation, and engagement. 

Want to hear more about Associate Home Loan’s experience with us? Take a look at what they had to say in their testimonial video!

Forge Your Success Story 

For businesses seeking a dedicated digital marketing partner committed to propelling your success story forward, connect with Digital Neighbor today. Just as we have transformed The Associates Home Loan’s digital presence, we stand ready to craft your success narrative, too! 

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