Local SEO Strategies to drive sales for Fitlife Foods’ Meal Prep Services  

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In a world that moves at the speed of a click, Fitlife Foods, a leading meal prep company with a heart for health, faced the challenge of standing out in the digital crowd. With eleven locations across Florida and one in Georgia, Fitlife Foods was on a mission to enhance its local search performance, bringing healthy and convenient meals to the forefront of the online marketplace. 

Not only did online traffic need to increase, but increased visibility for the brick-and-mortar locations as well. With valuable on-site features for customers, such as their wellness program and in-store meal pickup options, we needed to drive leads to make the trip in-store just as much as placing online orders. 

The Challenge: Boost Local Visibility 

Fitlife Foods needed more than just a meal plan; they needed a strategy to boost their local visibility and drive targeted traffic to their doors. Enter Digital Neighbor, the digital marketers armed with a comprehensive Local SEO strategy ready to turn this challenge into a success story! 

The Solution: A Recipe for Local SEO Success 

  • Build Out Location Pages: Our team set out to create 12 new location pages featuring individual store hours, team bios, and location-centric written content to reach those very specific groups of buyers. 
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  • On-Page Local SEO Optimizations: Digital Neighbor aimed to sprinkle some SEO magic on Fitlife Foods’ website, making it a magnet for search engines and hungry customers alike. Some of these tactics included: 
    • Optimizing the website’s title tags and meta descriptions 
    • Optimizing the NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) 
  • Main Location Page & Interactive Map Implementation: An interactive map was added to the main page to guide customers to the nearest Fitlife Foods haven. Because convenience is key. 
  • Local Listings & Citation Campaign: Digital Neighbor spread the word far and wide, ensuring Fitlife Foods popped up on high-quality and relevant sites. 
  • Business Descriptions Rewrite: Words matter. Digital Neighbor rewrote Fitlife Foods’ business descriptions, painting a vivid picture of health and convenience. 
  • Monthly GBP Management: Staying on top is a commitment. Digital Neighbor managed Fitlife Foods’ Google Business Profile every month, ensuring they remained at the forefront of local searches. Some of the items that we collaborated with Fitlife Foods to generate and post regularly were: 
    • Engaging GBP posts four times a month to keep customers in the know about the latest offerings that Fitlife foods had. 
    • High-quality images posted twice a month featuring the latest promos and meals that Fitlife was rolling out with each season. 
    • Q&A’s twice a month to answer any potential questions that customers could have before or after purchasing a Fitlife Foods product. 
  • Review Strategy: Turning customers into brand ambassadors, Digital Neighbor’s goal was to implement a review strategy that not only increased the number of reviews but also boosted the average rating overall. 

The Results: A Healthy Boost 

In just three months (August 2023 – October 2023), the numbers spoke volumes: 

  • Reviews increased by a whopping 171% with the majority of reviews being 4 stars or above 
  • Average rating soared by 44% 
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  • Google rankings saw a staggering 74% rise 
    • ‘fresh prepared meals near me’ moved up 45 spaces to be 10th on Google 
    • ‘meal delivery clearwater fl’ moved up 2 spaces to be 4th in Google 
  • Bing rankings increased by an impressive 78% 
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More Than Just Marketing 

Digital Neighbor isn’t just a digital marketing agency; we are your partners in success. With a wholehearted commitment to our clients, we offer a spectrum of services that cater to businesses of all sizes. Fitlife Foods has offered us amazing insight into the world of online sales. We look forward to continuing to blaze ahead with them!   

Working with you guys this past year has been awesome! Your team is always there, ready to tackle any project we throw your way, and you get things done so quickly. Thanks to you, we’ve made some great strides with our Store Location and Google pages, not to mention all those SEO-rich reviews we’ve been capturing. And I can’t wait to see what magic you’ll work on our new website. Your insights have given us a clear path to start off strong. Big thanks for being such fantastic partners! 


Marinna (Fitlife Foods)’ 

If you’re on the lookout for a digital marketing partner who will champion your business as much as you do, reach out to our team at Digital Neighbor today. Not only do we know how to increase visibility for your brand, but we also know how to convert those visitors into viable leads. You need an expert on your side… let’s cook up success together!   

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