Content Strategy Boosts Organic Traffic to Enterprise Company’s Blog

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Our Client

Syniverse Technologies is a global industry-leading provider of communications technology platforms and mobile experiences that connect businesses and customers worldwide. Known as “The World’s Most Connected Company™” for its fully integrated line of transformational technologies, Syniverse continuously improves how the world exchanges information, money, and more.


SEO for a large enterprise comes with its own unique set of challenges, such as:

1. Shifting from a product-focused strategy to an audience-focused strategy

For the client, their main marketing focus had been on the products alone rather than on what their target audience needed. We wanted to help them create a more top-of-the-funnel content strategy that answered customers’ questions while still educating them about the products. 

2. Navigating multiple departments efficiently 

Working with a large enterprise company means effectively communicating with multiple departments to get things done, something the Digital Neighbor team excels at by being responsive and organized. 


1. Increase awareness of the client’s enterprise products 

The client, already well-known for their carrier products, was looking to allocate more marketing resources to advertise their newer enterprise products. One of our goals was to create new content to establish the client as a thought leader in the enterprise technology space through new blog content. 

2. Drive more clicks by optimizing the site’s existing blog content for SEO

Without ensuring the right SEO practices on the backend, your content can be fabulous, but no one will know it exists, which equals wasted manpower, no leads, and no conversion opportunities. By optimizing the site’s existing content to showcase expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (Google’s EAT factors) to boost search rankings, our goal was to get more clicks.

Furthermore, driving organic traffic to valuable content that solves problems for your customer is what brings you sales. It also builds trust for your existing clientele as well as attracts new customers to your brand. 

Our Strategy

We worked closely with the client to find out what industries were most important to them and how we could help them create content to reach decision-makers in those industries. 

Collaborating with their product team to ensure accuracy and brand consistency, we helped them create three new blogs targeted at their enterprise mobile marketing customers and optimized for SEO.

Our approach included the following:

  • Relevant keyword research—what do customers want to know about enterprise mobile marketing that we are uniquely positioned to answer? 
  • Conducting a thorough analysis of backend SEO practices to update technical elements on the blog—Google favors content that loads quickly and provides a great user experience. 
  • Updating existing content on the blog to better align with searcher intent and enterprise SEO best practices, such as adding alt tags to images to improve accessibility and internal links to relevant content.


As a result of our efforts to update the blog and add new content, the blog saw a 20% increase in organic clicks year over year in Q1 2023: 

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We also saw a 30% increase in the number of unique keywords that the blog was ranking for in 2023 compared with 2022 and a 43% increase in keywords ranking in the top 10! 

Not only did our content strategy see results year over year, but by showing the client the difference three new optimized blogs could make, we are now working closely with their team to create new content on a weekly basis. We’re looking forward to creating a new enterprise SEO case study at the end of 2023 to show the results of our ongoing content efforts! 

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