How a PPC Campaign Scored 200% More Leads

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Pay-per-click advertising and paid media are valuable digital marketing strategies that can help you reach more potential clients. By bidding on particular keywords, you can show up right when someone is looking for you. It’s a quick way to get to the top of search results and drive traffic to your site.

Our Client

Our client is a Personal Injury firm based in Tampa, Florida. They strive to help their clients receive damages for injuries incurred from vehicle and bicycle accidents, aviation and boating accidents, premises liability/slip and falls, dog bites, criminal assault injuries, construction site accidents, and Florida tourist accidents. They also help the families of individuals who have suffered from brain and burn injuries, child injuries, and wrongful death.

The Challenge

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Tampa is a competitive market for personal injury law practice so creating a good PPC campaign that consistently drives quality leads can be hard. With so many people bidding on the same keywords, you need to focus on what can set you apart.

The old PPC campaigns our client was running had performance issues such as high cost per click, low click through rate, low quality score, low conversion rate, etc. As a result, they were paying too much per lead.

Our goal was to increase the number of leads by improving the overall ad campaign conversion rate while simultaneously reducing the cost per lead.

Our Strategy

After auditing their old campaigns and identifying problems, we got to work with a new strategy. We rebuilt ad campaigns to reach bottom-end funnel users by targeting commercial intent keywords. We fine-tuned targeting by restructuring ad groups and keywords and rebuilt ad texts to ensure the most appropriate redirections. We also created a dedicated landing page that focused on converting interested visitors. We tested different ad types to see what worked best and continually monitored and optimized the account to ensure performance.

Results: 200% More Leads!

Because we took the time to audit the pre-existing campaigns and identify opportunities for improvement, we were able to deliver big for our client! Our new campaign increased the total lead volume by 200%. The conversion rate increased by 148.48%, and the CPL (cost per lead) was reduced by 129.11%—we definitely surpassed our client’s expectations!

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