Turning a Client’s Vision Into Design Reality

Haven Dock & Marine Icons sun icon

As part of our partnership with client Haven Dock & Marine, we created a new brand identity to help them connect with home-owning customers. While they adored the final project, they came back to us with another project: create an icon that could pair with their new identity.

They wanted a simple, clean icon that matched their new brand identity and could be used online and across print marketing materials. 

Here’s their logo, pre-icon:

Haven Dock & Marine Logo

The Challenge

Create a unique icon representing the Haven Dock & Marine brand that can stand alone or be part of the full logo. Make it:

  • Simple but not generic
  • Clean but not boring
  • Iconic but not abstract

The Process

Step 1. Planning

To get everyone on the same page and reduce revisions down the line, we talked with the Haven team about what kind of icon they were envisioning, how it would be used, and what they wanted it to represent.

Step 2. Sketching

After planning and brainstorming, our design team created several different icons based on our client’s input—and made a few extra options we thought they’d like.

Step 3. Feedback

Our top priority is regular communication throughout the design process. We sent over our designs, listened to what our client liked, what they didn’t like, and what direction they preferred. We eliminated options, discovered new ideas, and got a step closer toward making Haven’s dream design.

Step 4. Refining

With our client’s feedback in mind, our design team made revisions and refinements. We sent back new designs, collected more feedback, and continued this cycle until we landed on something the client loved. 

The Outcome

The Haven team chose a group of piling as the graphic to represent their brand—strong, foundational, and conveniently one of their top selling products!

Take a look at the final product:

Haven Dock & Marine Icons

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