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When done right, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) drives relevant organic traffic to your site. As one of our clients learned, it can have a huge impact on your sales and conversions. Here’s how we helped them boost their rankings and traffic with tested SEO strategies.

The Objective

Our client, a facial plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida, specializes in surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty, facelifts, chin implants, as well as non-surgical treatments such as Botox, Kybella, and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments. To share information about their different procedures, they launched a new website.

Unfortunately, because the booming plastic surgery industry has created such a competitive market in Tampa, their SEO rankings plummeted! Every day they were losing potential new clients to the competition.

Wanting to increase their web visitors and climb their way back up the Google rankings, they hired Digital Neighbor with the goal of increasing the number of new clients from organic searches.

The Solution

To tackle the problem strategically, we ran a full website audit and discovered that they weren’t following many SEO best practices. We fixed all the technical SEO and on-site content issues to help ensure their site was being indexed properly by search engines.

Next, we rolled out a custom monthly SEO campaign that included a comprehensive content strategy. In addition to blog content, we also added content to the site’s most valuable pages to increase the number of relevant keywords they ranked for. 

In addition, we monitored their website and rankings and implemented necessary fixes monthly.

By chipping away at technical issues and strengthening the site’s content structure, we began to see results fairly quickly.


As a result of our SEO efforts, their Organic SEO traffic increased by 306%!!!

Organic Sessions 

After suffering from decreased traffic, our client’s website took off after we implemented our strategy. Thanks to the SEO fixes and a new content strategy, they got three times as many web visitors.

Plastic Surgeon SEO Organic Traffic

Organic Keywords

By creating new content and editing existing content, we doubled the number of keywords that our client’s site ranked for in less than a year. This means that they showed up in more search results when people searched for relevant plastic surgery keywords.

Plastic Surgeon SEO Organic Keywords

Keyword Rankings

Google rankings correlate to clicks. The higher your Google ranking, the more clicks your website will likely receive. With the top results getting about one-third of all clicks, climbing up the Google rankings can instantly lead to more organic traffic. Thanks to our efforts, the Google rankings of the website improved by over 400%, resulting in additional traffic mentioned above.

Plastic Surgeon SEO Keyword Rankings

Link building is a crucial ranking factor. Essentially, it’s like another website vouching for your trustworthiness. We secured more quality back links to our client’s site to boost their domain authority and search rankings.

Plastic Surgeon SEO Referring Domains

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