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Video can help you better explain the backbone of your brand and showcase your products in a way that’s accessible to your target audience. With more people online than ever, we watch and engage with videos like never before. Every day, people view more than a billion hours worth of content on YouTube.

Here at Digital Neighbor, we believe robust content is a foundational part of any good digital strategy. Content is good for SEO—but it’s also the best way to communicate and connect with audiences. Video is an increasingly important part of a good content strategy, so we wanted to highlight our video content marketing services by looking at an example of our work.

One of our longstanding clients, Associates Home Loan of Florida, came to us with a challenge: create a short video that explains their financial services without being too technical or too expensive to make. Here’s what we created for them and how we did it.

Using Easy-to-Understand Language

First, we sat down with the team at Associates Home Loan and discussed their goals for a video. They wanted to explain their complex financial products in an easy-to-understand, common-sense way.

Because we work with clients across industries, we’re familiar with translating intimidating topics to accessible and friendly language. During our scripting phases, we distilled the message down to one core idea: if you’ve been turned away by big banks due to bad credit, turn to Associates Home Loan.

By focusing on one idea, we were able to make a versatile video. This explainer video lives on YouTube and on the Associates Home Loan homepage, but its message is broad enough to work across digital channels, including social media, advertising, and more. They can easily make it part of your social media strategy or use it for other educational purposes!

Safe Filming

The COVID-19 pandemic posed a unique challenge to this project: how could we create a video without having to gather people together and hold a shoot?

We wanted to ensure the safety of everyone involved, so we brainstormed ways that we could eliminate the need to film in person. By using existing photography and sourcing stock footage, we were able to create a risk-free video that fit the Associates Home Loan style, even if it wasn’t filmed around their office.

Quick & Easy for All Companies

Making a video doesn’t have to be a long, intense process.

At Digital Neighbor, we make video a possibility for companies on a budget without skimping on quality. We don’t believe you need to dedicate a week to shooting and spend a fortune on production. With the right agency, video can be an easy process. In fact, we planned and created the Associates Home Loan video in just a few weeks.

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