Case Study: Crafting an Online Destination for Outdoor DIYers & Boosting E-Commerce Sales for The Deck Store 

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Imagine a world where your decking dreams are just a click away, where the sun-kissed glow of a perfect deck awaits you at the touch of a button. Welcome to The Deck Store, where quality meets convenience and decking dreams come true! 

For over three decades, The Deck Store has been a beacon for decking aficionados, offering a curated collection of top-notch decking materials, railings, lighting, and hardware. From the familiar embrace of trusted brands, they’ve amassed a repertoire of beautiful, functional, and resilient products. The Deck Store knows the secret ingredients to make your decking project not just good but great – resisting the elements and standing the test of time. 

With high-quality products and great customer service, The Deck Store just needed to reach more people! That’s where we come in… 

A Partnership for Perfection 

In the bustling realm of e-commerce, Digital Neighbor and The Deck Store joined forces to craft and launch an online sanctuary for decking enthusiasts to offer a convenient and reliable online shopping experience. With five brick-and-mortar locations, The Deck Store sought to seamlessly blend online a and offline shopping experiences to expand its reach and boost sales. No strangers to success, Digital Neighbor had already been weaving its magic with The Deck Store’s parent company, Decks & Docks. 

The Challenge: Crafting a Decking Wonderland Online 

establish an online shopping haven for decking enthusiasts in search of a wide variety of products characterized by fast and reliable shipping and a seamless checkout experience. The site had to seamlessly blend user-friendliness with the representation of its brick-and-mortar stores while maintaining organization for a diverse product range. With an extensive product range, organization was key, ensuring that everything, from decking to lighting, was neatly labeled and seamlessly arranged within a brand-new e-commerce site. The backend was meticulously crafted to function as a well-oiled machine for effective post-launch management. 

The Solution: Shopify to the Rescue 

Introducing Shopify, the leading digital toolkit for crafting online success. Digital Neighbor expertly designed an e-commerce platform, seamlessly enabling a fully-online shopping experience while enticing customers to explore The Deck Store’s physical locations. The outcome? A harmonious fusion of online convenience and offline allure, enhancing the overall e-commerce landscape for The Deck Store. 

The Results: Numbers that Deck the Halls 

Since its September 2023 launch, The Deck Store’s online venture has been nothing short of a success. 

  • So far, The Deck Store has seen $25K + in total sales. 
  • There has been a total of 136 total orders made. 
  • Within just one month of operation, The Deck Store saw a 2% Purchase Rate

  • There were a mix of returning and first-time visitors resulting in 64 Total Customers that made purchases 
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  • In just two months, there have been 11,836 total sessions with 10,962 visitors and continuing to rise as time goes on! 
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Conclusion: More Than Just Numbers 

Digital Neighbor doesn’t just crunch numbers; we build success stories. The Deck Store’s triumph isn’t just in sales; it’s in the seamless harmony of online and offline experiences. 

Want to take a peak at the final beautiful product that is our e-commerce site? Explore for yourself and get to shopping! 

If you’re seeking a digital partner who invests in your success as much as you do, reach out to Digital Neighbor today. Let’s turn your business dreams into a digital reality. Deck the halls of success with us! 

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