Why You Should Outsource Your Business’ SEO Needs

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Are you ready to launch a successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign?

SEO helps every business owner take advantage of the billions of Google searches performed every day.

The right campaign can draw more organic traffic to your website. More organic traffic boosts your conversion rates and establishes your reputation.

Effective SEO can be an essential component of every business. That’s why you need to hire a SEO Agency. 

If you’re keen to tackle SEO, you may be wondering if you should do it yourself or turn to experts. This distinction comes down to more than mere cost and scale.

In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons why you need SEO outsourcing to get ahead. Read on for insight!

1. Many Factors Influence Google Rankings

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing online content for keywords ideal customers are likely to enter into Google.

A standard user will search for a phrase or word that best approximates their desire.

Search results appear according to Google’s own assessment of the “best match.” In general, the closest matches appear at the top of the first page of search results. Lower rankings indicate poorer matches.

With SEO, websites can increase their chances of a higher Google ranking.


A DIY Search Engine Optimization campaign may thus involve some intensive keyword research and content optimization. However, SEO is about more than merely sprinkling your content with trending keywords.

It is definitely possible to thoroughly research phrases that your ideal clients are likely to enter into search engines. It’s equally possible to optimize your content well with these keywords.

Nonetheless, there’s much more to SEO than keywords!

Domain and Page Authority

Google ranks sites according to specific “signals” or authority factors. It has to do this in order to fairly distribute results.

Google does pay attention to how well you optimize your content with popular keywords. It will certainly prioritize a site that seamlessly integrates searchable phrases and words than one that arbitrarily crams its content with these terms.

Yet it also considers domain authority, an indicator of how well referenced your site is on the web. You can build domain authority by acquiring backlinks, links from other sites that send visitors to your pages.

Website Technicalities

Google also inspects bounce rates, the rate of visitors who come by your site and immediately leave. Page loading speeds and content quality can influence SEO rankings as well.

These are just a few of the many factors that can impact your visibility on search engines.

For some business owners, this complexity and challenge of SEO may seem perfectly viable. For others, however, there are simply too many factors to take into consideration.

SEO outsourcing entrusts your optimization efforts into expert hands well-versed in all that influences SEO performance. The right SEO consultants will ensure that your campaign hinges on more than solid keywords (although these will be high-value terms).

When you outsource SEO services, you invest in a holistic optimization campaign that considers every single factor that can influence results.

2. Google’s Algorithms Keep Changing

SEO is a constantly changing industry. Keywords that are popular one week may not be so popular the next. Consumers’ preferences shift and adapt to changes in technology and culture.

Most importantly, Google itself keeps changing its algorithms, the tools it uses to assign rankings to individual sites.

This is not malicious on the search engine giant’s part at all; in fact, it’s an indicator of how keen Google is to rank content fairly and weed out sites attempting to “cheat” the system.

It can be tough to keep up with these algorithmic and industry changes if you aren’t already fluent in all things SEO. In fact, wrapping your mind around algorithms themselves–and finding out when they change–may feel impossible.

Nonetheless, keeping up with the changes in SEO and Google’s guidelines is essential to maintaining high rankings. Failure to stay in line with the trajectory of optimization can mean less digital visibility.

SEO outsourcing is valuable insurance against falling behind the SEO times. A professional SEO agency or service will be sure to implement a campaign that aligns with the most recent trends.

3. Effective SEO Isn’t Just SEO

We’ve already discussed the multiple factors that influence SEO performance. It’s also important to note that true SEO isn’t just SEO.

Optimization can be a critical component of your business’s bid for greater visibility, both online and offline.

However, SEO is often linked to other, more comprehensive digital marketing aims. Its performance can also hinge on additional online advertising measures designed to develop a powerful web presence.

For example, an SEO campaign may depend on solid content marketing. Google emphasizes in its guidelines to a Google-friendly site the value of relevant content. In fact, high-quality content is at the core of its SEO priorities.

If you don’t already have rich content in place, you may find yourself reaching out to a content marketer before taking up SEO.

What’s more, you may also recognize that your site’s current design isn’t where it should be when it comes to creating user-driven content. Enter the web designer.

The most powerful SEO campaigns fit snugly inside of a larger digital marketing strategy, which may involve other marketing efforts. Most commonly, an optimization campaign will be linked to web design, social media campaigns, and content marketing.

Many SEO professionals recognize how much goes into a solid SEO campaign. The most effective consultants will therefore be digital marketers, ready to link your optimization efforts to a comprehensive strategy.

Most importantly, hiring SEO experts means that you don’t have to dream up all of these other digital marketing solutions. At the very least, you’ll receive high-quality, industry-informed advice that can direct you to the digital advertising efforts you need to implement to achieve SEO results.

4. Monitoring an SEO Campaign Requires Dedication

Because the world of SEO is always changing, a well-crafted campaign has to be a well-monitored one. We tell all business owners who wish to tackle SEO on their own that optimization is not a “single set-up” strategy.

True, it does require extensive research before implementation. Optimizing content may take an afternoon or a week.

Nonetheless, simply inputting keywords, launching a social media campaign, and changing your web design may not generate the results you are seeking. This is because it’s essential to track your keyword and SEO performance.

Most website owners can easily assess the viability and performance of certain keywords by using a tool like Google Analytics or Keyword Explorer on Ahrefs. Google Analytics can also provide insight into bounce rates, page loading times, and organic traffic sources.

It’s critical to monitor this data on a daily basis and to change keywords and content accordingly. In many cases, SEO campaign management requires assessment of competitors’ keywords and rankings. This knowledge can help you hone your campaign so that your content can eventually take the lead.

All of this requires a lot of SEO savvy, time, and effort. As a business owner, you simply may not have the time or the technology to invest in SEO campaign management. But you guessed it–an SEO agency will. It’s what we’re made for!

Save valuable time and money by handing over your SEO vision to professionals.

5. It’s Easier to Acquire a Google Penalty Than You May Assume

Remember what we just said about the factors that influence Google rankings and SEO performance? It’s tough to keep up with all of these guidelines if you’re handling SEO yourself.

If you miss a rule, this could lead to a Google penalty. A penalty occurs when a web crawler identifies a violation of its guidelines in your online content and presence. Penalties can tank your current rankings and discourage more traffic from viewing your site.

Unfortunately, it’s easier to acquire a penalty than most assume. We simply don’t want you to experience a penalty, no matter how earnest your SEO efforts!

SEO professionals will be extremely familiar with Google’s guidelines. With their assistance, you can rest assured that your content will never be penalized by Google. In fact, it will be entirely within the scope of Google’s rules.

6. Outpace Your Local Competition

At the end of the day, SEO can be your magic wand for outpacing competitors, especially if you implement local SEO. The more powerful your online reputation, the greater your odds are of earning customer preference over other companies.

Implementing SEO with the purpose of outranking competitors can be an intimidating prospect. While it’s possible to surpass your peers with your own SEO campaign, turning to the experts can dramatically boost your odds of coming out on top.

This is particularly the case when it comes to SEO services with proven track records of bringing clients the traffic and results they desire.

Final Thoughts: The Value of SEO Outsourcing

SEO is a valuable digital marketing tool that can transform your digital visibility and reputation.

While it may be tempting to take your optimization into your own hands for financial reasons, SEO outsourcing can be the difference between an ineffective campaign and a powerful one.

For one thing, SEO depends on more than just keywords. Other digital marketing efforts and Google’s own ranking factors can influence campaign results.

An effective campaign is time-intensive, requiring knowledge and dedication most business owners simply do not have.

All in all, SEO outsourcing can bring you the expertise and results you require when it comes to truly surpassing your competition.

At Digital Neighbor, we love turning our clients’ SEO campaigns into results. Learn more about the SEO services we offer here!

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