Top 7 Types of Digital Marketing 

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To maximize sales and revenue, your business needs advertising that goes where your customers are. Considering that over 90% of Americans are active on the internet — and spend a whopping eight hours online every day — digital marketing is a must. With online media, you can reach your audience using a variety of channels, from website content to social media.  

These digital marketing essentials can help your business stand out online, improve lead generation, and impress potential customers. Find out what types of digital marketing deliver the best results for your business. 

1. Inbound Marketing and Website Development 

Inbound marketing involves attracting your target audience naturally to your website. These days, many people distrust or dislike overt advertising. Inbound channels are an intelligent investment. 

Of course, to make a great first impression, you need a stellar website. This digital storefront is the foundation of your brand’s online identity, so it has to be exceptional. 

Professionally designed home pages, category pages, product pages, and landing pages emphasize why your company is terrific and help visitors find the solutions they’ve been searching for. The better your website, the better the results from your other marketing channels. 

2. Content Marketing 

Friendly content attracts potential customers, guides your target audience to the right products, and gives your brand an excellent reputation online. This type of digital marketing includes a wide range of online media: 

  • Blog articles 
  • Whitepapers and eBooks 
  • Buying guides and how-to guides 
  • Infographics 
  • Videos and podcasts 

Video content is one of the most important types of digital marketing. Videos keep website visitors engaged and explain topics clearly. Eight in 10 people decide to purchase because of what they see in a video, and over 90% of businesses get new leads from social media videos. 

3. Search Engine Optimization 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about helping your business rank higher in user searches. With expert SEO, your blog articles, landing pages, and other digital marketing can show up near the top of the page. Put simplistically, SEO success relies on three pillars: 

  • Smart keyword choices 
  • High-quality content that includes keywords 
  • Good link-building techniques 

Investing in SEO can bring countless visitors (and sales opportunities) to your website. Compared to social media, SEO is 1,000% more effective

4. Local SEO 

If your primary audience lives locally, the types of digital marketing you choose need a local focus, too. To master local SEO, you need the following: 

  • Geo-targeted web pages: Location pages grab the attention of customers living in specific cities, suburbs, regions, or states. 
  • Google Business Profile: Filling out your Google Business Profile (GBP) can help local residents see your location on Google Maps, plus ratings and reviews for your business. 
  • Location-focused keywords: These keywords improve your search results when prospective clients are searching for “best home remodelers in Chicago,” “dentists near me,” and similar phrases. 

Local SEO is vital for B2B and B2C, from retailers and doctors to HVAC businesses and commercial contractors.   

5. Social Media Marketing 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest appeal to a wide range of age groups and interests. For business customers, LinkedIn is a powerhouse.  

Why use social media for your business? 

  • It promotes your business and highlights your brand’s unique identity. 
  • It helps you build trust with your audience. 
  • It enables conversing directly with potential clients. 
  • It generates high-value leads. 
  • It drives additional traffic to website content. 

Social media makes your company feel more down to earth. When people like you, they’re more likely to choose your business. 

6. Email Marketing 

Sending emails may seem old-school, but if it isn’t broken… you know the rest. Email is still one of the most popular types of digital marketing because it works by: 

  • Nurturing leads naturally 
  • Enhancing your content marketing 
  • Increasing website traffic 
  • Keeping past clients coming back 
  • Providing countless sales opportunities via promotional offers 

If you’re looking for a fantastic return on investment, email marketing is worth your time. 

7. Paid Search Advertising (PPC) 

When you have a lot of competition, you may need to bend the rules by turning to pay-per-click advertising. Paid search campaigns involve choosing the keywords you want to target and showing sponsored content to users. 

Paying for clicks can deliver exceptional leads. Google and Facebook’s ad platforms let you customize ad targeting to specific audiences, including location, demographic data, and interests. That way, you focus on hot leads with purchasing intent. 

How Can Your Business Choose the Right Types of Digital Marketing? 

Marketing Strategy

An effective digital marketing strategy isn’t a one-and-done deal like buying a car. It’s closer to ordering from a restaurant. You need a marketing package that combines several tasty options for your business. How can you select the right combo? 


At the end of the day, success in digital marketing is all about your customers. Choose the avenues that reach your target audience most effectively. Some age groups spend hours browsing social media. Other customers respond best to website FAQs. 


You get better results when you define your objectives clearly. Are you mainly looking for: 

  • Website traffic? 
  • High-quality leads? 
  • More visitor engagement? 
  • Higher customer lifetime value? 
  • A higher volume of online sales? 

SEO and content marketing are excellent for engagement and traffic. Paid search and email campaigns drive sales and CLV. 

B2B vs. B2C 

Business customers and everyday consumers have different needs and approach purchasing decisions differently. For B2B, you generally need informative content to establish brand authority and nourish leads gradually. On the other hand, consumers love engaging and exciting marketing avenues. They may go directly from videos or buying guides to store purchases. 


Digital marketing is always a wise investment. That said, some avenues are more cost-effective than others. Content marketing can deliver thousands of views for the same low price. 

Last but not least, when choosing digital marketing avenues, take the time to check out the latest trends. You always want to be one step ahead of competitors. 

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