Custom SEO Reporting Dashboards: How To Visualize Your Website’s Performance 

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When you visit the hospital for a checkup, it’s common for your doctor to order a few tests. The results give the physician a good idea of your overall health. SEO reporting dashboards do the same thing for your website. They can help you identify problems and implement search engine optimization solutions that work. 

What Are SEO Reporting Dashboards? 

An SEO dashboard is a central hub for your website’s online search metrics. Digital apps for SEO have widgets that let you visualize key performance indicators, such as website visits, keyword rankings, and conversions. These reporting dashboards are also called marketing dashboards or KPI dashboards. 

Why Do You Need a Custom SEO Reporting Dashboard? 

Customizing your SEO reporting dashboard makes it more helpful for your business. For one thing, every company needs to track different key performance indicators

B2B companies care about keyword rankings and leads, while retail stores want to track different sales statistics. When attracting mobile users, KPIs such as page loading speed and bounce rate are critical. 

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Which KPIs Are Important for SEO? 

The most important KPIs for your business depend on your SEO strategy, marketing goals, and audience. This list can give you a useful starting point. 


Website traffic is the total number of visitors you receive. Organic traffic refers to users who saw one of your search listings, clicked on a link, and appeared on one of your web pages. 

Traffic is one of the most critical KPIs because it gives clues about your website and overall SEO strategy. Traffic volume indicates web page performance, keyword ranking success, and conversion potential. The more people visit your website, the more potential customers you have. 

Click Through Rate (CTR) 

Your click-through rate, or CTR, tells you the percentage of clicks you get when your pages appear in search results. CTR can tell you how eye-catching your meta titles and meta descriptions are. This statistic also helps you improve the effectiveness of paid search campaigns. 

Average Engagement Time 

Average engagement refers to the amount of time users actively focus on a page, not just have the tab open. High engagement means that people find your content valuable, and interested users are more likely to convert. This KPI is also an important ranking factor for Google Search. 

Bounce Rate 

Your website’s bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave a page immediately. A high bounce rate often means you’re not engaging with your target audience or capturing enough interest. The page may also have excessive loading times. 

Goal Conversion Rate 

This KPI measures the percentage of users that take a target action. Conversion often revolves around generating sales or leads. You can configure your SEO dashboard manually to track different goals: 

  • Placing items in a cart 
  • Completing checkout 
  • Filling out a contact form 
  • Calling your business 
  • Downloading a whitepaper 

Organic conversions help you build a solid customer base and drive online revenue, so keeping tabs on this KPI is vital for e-commerce. 

Organic Visibility 

Organic visibility gives you a rough idea of how often your pages appear in search results. Impressions connect with clicks and website traffic, so this KPI is a good way to measure your site’s overall health. 

Above-average impressions mean SEO campaigns are working. On the other hand, a sudden drop in visibility implies something is wrong. For example, your site may have a search penalty, or a competitor may be using black-hat techniques to damage your reputation. 

Keyword Rankings 

Keyword rankings give you a wealth of information. You can see how well your pages rank for specific keywords, which terms deliver the most traffic, and which keywords you should focus on. The results may surprise you, revealing opportunities to compete more effectively online. 

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How Can You Customize an SEO Dashboard? 

Great SEO reporting dashboards are: 

  • Flexible: Users should have the ability to choose different KPIs for different campaigns or reports. 
  • Simple: The main dashboard should only have five to seven of the most relevant KPIs. 
  • Project-focused: You should have a range of KPIs for different project types, such as social media marketing, content marketing, or pay-per-click ad campaigns. 
  • Visually appealing: Graphs, icons, charts, and colors make your dashboard easier to understand. 
  • Predictive: Platforms that can estimate trends for the future help you adapt more quickly to market changes. 
  • Actionable: Features such as automated alerts warn you when key metrics drop below a specific threshold. 
  • Easy: SEO software should be simple enough for anyone to use, including small business owners or sales managers who don’t have IT experience. 

When customizing your marketing dashboard, focus on KPIs that help you reach your main search objectives and improve your online efforts. 

How Do SEO Dashboards Help Your Online Marketing? 

When used correctly, SEO dashboards help your marketing efforts in five ways: 

  • Showing what you’re doing right 
  • Revealing areas where you can improve 
  • Pointing out which avenues provide the most significant return on investment 
  • Giving you a way to measure your results over time 
  • Helping you perform a comprehensive website audit 

Data-driven decisions can improve your business online and offline. More successful marketing translates into more leads, customers, sales, and profits. 

Which SEO Dashboard Should You Choose? 

There are many popular dashboards available: 

  • Ahrefs: One of the most trusted SEO reporting dashboards in the industry, Ahrefs offers a wide variety of tracking tools in addition to periodic site audits. 
  • Moz: MozPro has in-depth keyword research tools for SEO and content marketing, plus comprehensive reports. 
  • Google Analytics: Not only is Google Analytics free, but it offers an endless range of KPIs. If you’re already taking advantage of this dashboard, make sure to update to GA4
  • Semrush: Semrush is one of the leading SEO and digital marketing tools with comprehensive features for competitive analysis, keyword research, and site auditing. 

Choose a dashboard that provides the features and data points you want. 

How To Get Started With SEO Reporting Dashboards 

Marketing dashboards can show you the best ways to reach your target audience. Getting started is as easy as setting up an account. 

Your digital marketing should drive results. Take advantage of SEO reporting dashboards to set and achieve the right search goals. Our friendly SEO strategists at Digital Neighbor can help you set up a KPI tracking platform so you can maximize your marketing efforts – this is exactly what we do every day! Get started with us today. 

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