Eric Ritter

Eric grows companies using advanced online marketing strategies. He has helped hundreds of companies get more “ready to buy” visitors to their websites and can do the same for you. Eric sees himself much like the conductor of an orchestra. You need to know what each instrument does, but not necessarily how to play it. More importantly, you need to understand how all the instruments sound when played together. The key to being a good Digital Marketer is to be a great Generalist Specialist. In-depth knowledge and understanding of digital tactics are a must. Finally, it is important to master the art of measuring the impact of digital on the business’s bottom line.

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Eric Ritter

Eric’s mantra in the digital age is that it’s no longer enough just to push your product in front of people. To be relevant as a brand you have to do one of two things: (1) Make people’s lives easier or (2) Answer their questions.

Eric is also a professor at the University of South Florida, where he teaches Digital Media in the Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communications. As an instructor, he helped his team win the Social Media Award for the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

Eric moved to Germany at an early age and is fluent in German, and attended the German School system until his graduation with the German Certificate of Maturity. Afterward, he worked his way through college, completing his post-graduate education with a Master’s Degree in Advertising (M.Adv.) from the University of Florida.