Why Every Business Should Look Forward to a Brand Refresh

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Business owners are like a proud parent loving their child unconditionally. The branding and logo that their business was born with may have taken them far, but eventually, the brand messaging and design must grow and evolve with the times.  So why then are so many business owners hesitant of the idea of rebranding or refreshing their brand?

Just like any homeowner knows, your home needs to be maintained and renovated over the years to stay safe and valuable. When a homeowner fixes their roof or upgrades to all-new stainless steel appliances, it is an investment. The same goes for a business owner who is invested in their branding. Everytime you refresh your brand, it is like getting a haircut. We can all appreciate that feeling of looking new and improved.

A rebrand or brand refresh does not necessarily mean an entirely new, unrecognizable company. There are many elements to a brand to consider when renovating, i.e. the logo, the fonts, the color palette, the message, the photography, and anything in between may need to be reimagined or enhanced over time in order to stay cutting-edge and connect with new audiences.  

We recently went through a renovation of our own! Digital Neighbor started with an internal focus group and found that while we were excelling with our client work, we were putting our own branding on the backburner  So, we invested in improving our own home for the new decade and we’re so happy we did! Here is our story:

As a marketing agency called Digital Neighbor, we’ve always been inspired by the philosophy of being neighborly and caring ab=out our community’s success. However, we realized there was room for improvement to bring our digital passion to the visual forefront.


Digital Neighbor Logo


Digital Neighbor - SEO Agency Logo

The result is a better reflection of who we truly are. The clean sans serif font and computer mouse represent the digital space, while the serif font and fireplace represent our neighborly compassion. It’s not just a logo change for us, this brand refresh empowered us to enhance our brand photography and social media story. It’s amazing what a new hairdo can do!

Examples of rebranding

Here are some of our favorite recent rebrands from companies of all sizes!

Nonprofit Local Organization

American Advertising Federation Tampa Bay

AAF Tampa Bay went through a complete brand overhaul. The Tampa chapter’s logo and website had not been touched over a decade, so it did not match their creative organization in the modern times.


Old logo before


New logo - after

Local Businesses

Port Tampa Bay used to be called Tampa Port Authority, and although it is currently Florida’s largest port, handling over 37 million tons of cargo per year, the brand knew it lacked brand awareness and excitement. Not anymore!


Tampa Port Authority logo before


Port Tampa Bay logo after

Magical Butter is a cannabis company here in Tampa Bay that has been growing tremendously with their products for cannabis-infused recipes. Transforming from a scrappy startup to a corporate leader, the team went through a complete new look that will take them far.


Magical Butter logo before


Magical butter logo after

Global Business

We all know the coffee brand Dunkin’ Donuts which recently shook the world by renaming their business Dunkin’. Words matter!


Dunkin Old Logo


Dunkin New Logo

We can help your business stay cutting-edge with a brand refresh

It’s amazing to see all of these different brands stay true to their roots, but move forward in a positive direction and continue to grow their business. If you are interested in discussing your brand and possible renovations, connect with us here.

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