A Total Beginner’s Guide to Google My Business Posts

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Perhaps you just opened up the shiny, new doors (or virtual doors) of your business. Maybe you have been around the block for quite a few years. You know your business needs to adapt to technology to drive traffic to your site.

Trying to figure out the “secrets” behind social media posting and marketing can seem overwhelming. There are algorithms and best practices. You try and learn it all, but it’s a lot.

You are wondering about a simple digital strategy that will create a big bang for your buck (hint: it’s free!). Look no further than the up and coming Google My Business posts.

Google My Business Posts is a digital marketing solution that is easy to use. But maybe you still aren’t sure where to start. That’s why we’ve created this beginner’s guide.

Check it out to learn more about how to maximize the benefits of including Google My Business Posts to your digital marketing strategy.

Google My Business Posts: Key Benefits

Despite the benefits of posting on Google My Business, only about 50% of businesses are actively using this great tool.

The benefits of using Google My Business Posts are endless. First, we will look at the benefits of this digital strategy. Then we will show you how to begin.

Google business posts will:

Optimize Your Digital Presence for Free

Millions of people are using Google as their primary way to search for goods and services. Listing your business and posting on Google (for free) will help maximize your digital presence, making it easier to find and connect to your offerings.

Generate Organic Traffic to Promote Your Business

Google My Business Posts help generate organic traffic to your site. This means that when a person searches for a service that you provide, they may be more likely to find your website.

These customers are organic. This means that you have not gone out to get them. They come to you, naturally. This is a great way to promote your business and turn searchers into customers.

Create Brand Recognition

You can create consistent brand recognition. Customers who find you through Google My Business are then able to link to your social media pages. This creates access to other avenues of marketing.

Maybe your customer was not following you on Facebook yet. Now they know they can connect with you that way, too. You are increasing your potential customer base by building your tribe.

Connect With Those Not on Social Media

*Gasp!* Yes, there are those who are not on social media. But many people who are not on social media do tend to use computers.

These potential customers can still find you even though they may have no idea what a tweet is or the difference between a Snapchat and an Instagram. Since many customers find their way to your website through social media activity, this is a great way to capture those customers who don’t have social media accounts.

Greater Opportunity to Promote Events and Specials

There are many different ways to promote your business. Maybe you have an event or special you want to tell the world about. Most people use social media to let people know about these wonderful opportunities.

But with social media algorithms, there can be many missed opportunities. Your business can make up for these lost opportunities by promoting on Google My Business Posts.

Even customers following you on social media, who may not have seen your post, can find you on Google My Business. Google is a trustworthy site. When you deliver valuable information using this platform, you come across as authentic.

And these customers will create more traffic to your website. They are more likely to remember you for future purchases and visits. These customers can easily rate you on Google and recommend you to friends.

Google My Business Posts: How to Begin

Now you know some of the amazing benefits of including Google My Business Posts in your digital marketing strategies. Let’s learn how to use them to make your business thrive.

First, you must have a Google My Business account. Setting it up is easy. You will need to enter all of your business information including name, address, phone number, and types of goods and services that you provide.

A Google My Business account can be set up on a computer, tablet, or cell phone. There is an app that can be downloaded if you do most of your marketing on a mobile device.

After setting up your Google My Business account you can start using posts to grab customers’ attention. Using posts will also enhance your local search engine optimization (SEO). When a customer searches for something and adds the phrase “near me” this helps local SEO.

Google My Business Posts help to optimize your Google My Business account. A person will search Google and come across your Google page. Any posts that you have created within the last 7 days will be directly under your Google business information.

Creating Your First Google My Business Post

One of the best things about Google My Business Accounts is that they are easy to navigate. Creating a post is user-friendly. Even low-tech business owners can create quality posts without frustration.

To Create a Google My Business Post, go to your Google My Business dashboard. There you will find a place to add media, such as a video or photo. Then you will have an area where you can add your text content.

Lastly, you will add in a call-to-action (CTA) to take your customers to an amazing deal or provide more information.

Add a Photo or Video

Don’t underestimate the true power of a photograph. People are driven to photos. They create a sense of emotion, urgency, and need.

When adding an image or video clip to your Google My Business Posts, make sure it is high quality. The ideal image size, for example, is 750 x 750 pixels. But the minimum pixels for an image is 400 x 300 and the maximum is 10,000 x 10,000 pixels.

If you are adding a video, remember that there is a 25MB limit. Your video could be a quick promotional piece, a customer testimonial, or an introduction to your business offerings.

Add Your Message

Remember that when you add your message, there is a maximum character count of 1500. This usually equals about 250 words. Google will use the first 80-100 characters of a post when your business pops up.

This is why it’s important to use your words wisely. You can test out new ideas using Google My Business Posts. Try new strategies and see what customers respond to.

Add Your Call To Action (CTA)

Google My Business Posts allow you to create a quality CTA. Your CTA is designed to bring your customer to where you want him or her. There are four main types of CTA’s that you can use to appeal to your customer.

  1. A Product CTA will help you introduce a product or service. Specific CTA’s can include “Buy Now”, “Learn More”, or “Order Online.”
  2. A What’s New CTA will help you provide news and information about your business or a product. You can provide a link to a news article that just covered your business or an interview you did with a local paper. Specific CTA’s can include “Learn More”, “Call Now”, or “Book.”
  3. An Event CTA will give you the opportunity to tell your customers about an upcoming event or sale. Specific CTA’s can include “Sign Up” or “Learn More.”
  4. An Offer CTA will help you share a great offer or free gift with your customers. Specific CTA’s can include “Call Now” or “Order Online.”

These Google My Business Posts can then be shared online via social media channels. Not only are you getting potential organic traffic to your website, but you can reach your current customers and fans. When you engage with your current customer base, you increase the potential of them sharing on their social media pages.

This is why having a relevant CTA in your post is important. It will bring new and existing customers right to where you want them.

Things to Keep In Mind When Posting on Google My Business

There are a few important things to remember when using Google My Business Posts as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Google My Business Posts helps SEO rankings. When a customer searches using “near me” or “nearby,” your business is more likely to come up. Posts will help this even more since your Google My Business page is richer in content.

Posts only last 7 days. With this in mind, you can create a plan of action to post weekly. You can create new and fresh content on a regular basis.  

You don’t have to share on social media. This helps out the non-techie breed who are trying to increase sales and customers for their businesses. Posting here helps to get people who don’t have social media accounts to recognize your business.

It will maximize your marketing if you do post on social media, though. Using Google My Business helps you test out new ideas and marketing campaigns. Google My Business will let you know which posts had more engagement.

Do Customers Engage in Google My Business Posts?

You may be wondering if having a Google My Business account or posting on it is worth it. The short answer is YES! The longer answer is that in order for it to be a successful marketing strategy for your business, you need to produce a certain type of content.

Here are a few best practices for creating great Google My Business Posts.

First, your posts must be quality posts. This means that your post is to the point and engaging in some way. You want to get your customer to want to read more and click on that CTA.

To do this, you need to know your customer or audience.

Ask yourself if you are targeting a current customer or a potential customer? For example, are you trying to get more housecleaning clients for your cleaning residential cleaning business? Or are you trying to get your current housecleaning clients to add on more services?

Second, make sure to use a tone that is short and conversational. The best practice would be to keep your post to about 100 words, even though you can go longer. Put the most important information in the first part of the post.

These are actual customers and interested potential customers reading your post. Use language that is personal to them. Use appropriate keywords to create meaning.

Ultimately, you want to be authentic and create trust. Talk to your customers as if they are right in front of you.

The final thing to remember is to make your call to action relevant. For example, if you are trying to sell a particular product, link to that product. Don’t link to another place that you wish your customers would visit. 

This is another way to be authentic and create trust. Don’t use your posts to trick your customers. Match your CTA directly to your post.

Google My Business Posts: The Bottom Line

Whether you are a seasoned business owner or a new business on the block, Google My Business is an easy and effective tool.

Google My Business Posts can help your business reach a larger audience. These posts create authority for your brand and business.

For more information on how to increase engagement and generate more sales contact us today!

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